Older obituaries are scanned images of the actual obituary and therefore some are slow loading.  I chose to scan them instead of typing them over because I felt you would want a copy of the actual document for your genealogy records.  To save a copy for your own files, place your cursor on top of the obituary, Right Click, and "Save As" to save it to your hard drive.  Newer obituaries are typed. 
 Leslie Moore  

Williford Abbott

Sallie Adams

Rebecca Algee

W R Algee

Virginia Amaral

Frank Atkins

Herman Lloyd Basham

Mrs. Woodrow Bledsoe

G A Brandon

Dr. F C Burch

D B Burnett

John Burnett

John Riley Callens

Acie Ernest Caton

T J "Stony" Clark

Belle Sims Cox

J C Cox

Mrs. Fannie Dillard

W W Fain

Thelma Hall

Rev. L D Hamilton

B F Hardison

J J Hardison

Ludie Hedges Haskins

H T Haynes

E A Heathcott

Palmer M Hendrix

Eugene Hickman

B. D. Howerton

Jess Jones

Mrs. J Kemp

B F LeDuke

Mrs.Lou Lewis

Mrs. A E Markham

Mary Virginia Windrow Marks

Leon McAfee

Fred Moore

Joe Arvil Moore

Mollie Mooring

Mary Ann Neal

Nimmie Owen

Pharr Baby

Mrs. Florence Corinne Pigue

Mrs. J E Riley

A. L. Rodgers

William B Simpson

Joseph T Smith

L W Smith

Molly B Smith

Walter Smith

Bertha Sumners

Dr. W. L. Sumners


J W Terrell

Luna Virginia Burch Thomas

Samuel L Vance

Gladys Walker

Lula Ward

Shelby Eugene "Corky" Williams

Martin Wyatt


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