The Lake County Historical Society has published the following books


Crockett Chapel Cemetery - Crockett Chapel United Methodist Church

This census was taken by Ralph Sands Algee and Isabelle Rogers Algee and was edited by Isabelle Rogers Algee.  There are 127 pages in the soft bound book and it is indexed.  Available obituaries and funeral home records were checked.  .Additional genealogical information is added by interview with local historians. Isabelle Algee  $15.00

Night Riders of Reelfoot Lake - Compiled by the Lake County Historical Society

The Lake County Banner ran a series of articles by Dr. Alfred Frako in 1953 and they have given permission to the Lake County Historical Society to reprint these articles into a book.  Dr Frako thoroughly researched the articles and talked to several of the actual Night Riders in obtaining information for the articles. $20.00

Lake County Veterans of World War II (1998)                                                                                   

Beautiful hardback book (8 1/2 x 11) contains 400 pages, including a listing of all known veterans from Lake County, a list of those who lost their lives in Service during this era, biographical sketches and/or service records of more than 570 veterans (175 of them with pictures) and Robert Griffin's P O W Wartime Log. $35.00

Histories and Families of Lake County(1993)                                                                                      

This beautiful hardback book contains 160 pages, including an index.  There are many pictures. $49.50

The Stories They Tell - Vol. I                                                                                                            

Transcribed from an oral history project with Mr. Marshall Dial.  Contains stories from  eighteen citizens. $15.00

The Stories They Tell - Vol. II

Transcribed from an oral history project with Mr. Marshall Dial.  Seventy pages and contains stories and pictures from twelve citizens. $15.00

Lake County Churches                                                                                                                     

Contains histories of the past and present churches in Lake County.  Many pictures included. No longer available for purchase - check with libraries.

Tiptonville City Cemetery                                                                                                                  

 A work by Isabelle Algee contains inscriptions from tombstone and funeral home records with addenda by the author. $15.00

Ridgely Methodist Church                                                                                                        

History of the church by Isabelle Algee contains many pictures. $10.00

Memories of Lake County 1937 Flood                                                                                                

Well-researched data and flood pictures.   Compiled and written by County Historian, Abigail Rice Hyde.  - No longer available for purchase - check with libraries.

A Loving Community Called Phillippy                                                                                                

    By Arline Erwin Orr, who lived in Phillippy several years during her youth and teen years.  This is a story of a once active community:   its people, the businesses, social activities, and many recollections of former residents of this community.  The book contains 140 pages and over 100 pictures. $10.00

The Shull Family of Lake County, Tennessee and Allied Families

Compiled by Isabelle Rogers Algee - 1998 - $6.00

Burnett's Chapel Baptist Church of Lake County, Tennessee - Its formation, history and early members.

Researched and Written by Abigail Rice Chadwick Hyde - $7.50

Yearbooks of the Lake County Historical Society (1981 - 2002 if available)   $5.00 each

Publications may be ordered from:

Mrs. Arline Orr

405 Moss Street

Tiptonville, TN 38079

(Please include Postage and Handling of $2.50 for Softbound and $5.00 for Hardbound)

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