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CERT or   NAME                                                                                                PLACE OF             PLACE OF    CAUSE OF DEATH                          FATHER'S             FATHER'S           MOTHER'S                  MOTHER'S            PLACE OF                 INFORMANT'S                  INFORMANT'S                                                                              
PAGE #    OF  DECEASED                  SEX  RACE  MARTIAL   OCCUPATION              DOB           DOD        BIRTH                DEATH                                               NAME                 POB                NAME                      POB                 BURIAL                   NAME                         ADDRESS                COMMENTS 
1216      Frank CLARK                   m    w     m         farm laborer            57 yrs        1/22/30    KY                   dist 4      acute nephtitis & tuberculosis          unknown              unknown            unknown                   unknown             Old Madie                Will TURNER                  Ridgely, TN                                                                              
1217      Allis BALLARD                 f    b     s         none                    3/11/1873     1/6/30     McNairy Co. TN       dist 5      no doctor                               ??? Ballard          TN                 Rachel Turner             Ridgely, TN         Ridgely, TN              Nat WYATT                    Ridgely, TN                                                                              
1218      Ludie Ida STAGNER             f    w     m         none                    58 yrs        1/14/30    Benton Co. TN        dist 5      mitral insuffiency                      Berry French         unknown            ?? Wilson                 unknown             Hornridge                T.C. STAGNER                 not given                                                                                
1219      Susie JOHNSON                 f    b     m         farm laborer            28 yrs        1/30/30    unknown              dist 5      pulmonary tuberculosis                  unknown              unknown            Winnie ??                 unknown             Ridgely, TN              Jim Willie HARDIE            Ridgely, TN                                                                              
1220      Robert Lelou AUSTIN           m    w     s         none                    9/28/27       1/21/30    Lake Co. TN          dist 6      croup                                   George AUSTIN        Lake Co. TN        Cora MORGAN               Lake Co. TN         not given                L.N. NOAKE                   Ridgely, TN                                                                              
3612      Maggie MOTEN                  f    b     m         housewife               45 yrs.       1/3/30     MS                   dist 4      lobar pneumonia                         Morris BACKMAN       MS                 unk                       unk                 Wynnburg,TN              E.MOTEN                      Wynnburg,TN                                                                              
3613      James Robert MOONEY           m    w     s         infant                  2 mos.        1/9/30     Lake Co TN           dist 4      bronchal pneumonia                      Jessie MOONEY        Lake Co TN         Elsie PAGE                KY                  Crockett Chapel.TN       C.Frank PAGE                 Wynnburg,TN                                                                              
3614      Sam BUCKNER                   m    b     s         farm laborer            abt.21 yrs.   1/17/30    TN                   dist 7      drowned in Miss.River. no doc.          Daniel BUCKNER       U.S.A.             unk                       unk                 Lake Co.                 L. DUNNING ?                 Tiptonville,TN R#1                                                                       
3615      Willie MAYS                   m    b     s         farm laborer            abt.50 yrs.   1/17/30    unk                  dist 7      drowned in doc.           unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 Lake Co TN               Harris CAMPBELL              Tiptonville,TN R#                                                                        
3616      Ellen MORRIS                  f    w     m         housewife               53 yrs.       1/19       TN                   dist 8      bronchal pneumonia                      Jim FORD             unk                unk                       unk                 Greenfield,TN            not given                    not given                                                                                
3617      Izora ELLIS                   f    w     m         housewife               55 yrs.       2/8/30     Dyer Co TN           dist 5      tuberculosis of lungs                   William CHAPMAN      SC                 unk                       unk                 Fairview                 J.R.ELLIS Sr.                Ridgely,TN                                                                               
3618      Ednar May SPENCER             f    w     m         housewife               8/3/08        2/8/30     AL                   dist 5      purperal cou? pregnancy                 Joe WADE             AL                  WILLIS                   AL                  Hone Ridge               Bill SPENCER                 Ridgely,TN R#2                                                                           
3619      E.E. HEATHCOT                 m    w     m         farmer                  8/9/1857      2/18/30    Weakley Co TN        dist 5      coronary occlusion                      Jim HEATHCOT         unk                Catherine JALLIE          unk                 Madie,TN                 J.B. HEATHCOTT               Ridgely,TN                                                                               
3620      J.C. COX                      m    w     m         dry goods merchant      71y4m         2/20/30    Gibson Co TN         dist 5      acute lobar pneumonia                   Jas. A. COX          Gibson Co TN       Margarette MASON          TN                  Madie,TN                 Miss Agnes COX               not given              husband of D.S. COX                                               
3621      Mary C. DUNLOPP               f    w     w         none                    83 yrs.       1/2/30     Dixon ? Co TN        dist 5      this woman was unconscious--            Cloyd LARKINS        unk                unk                       unk                 Newbern                  B. C. DUNLOPP                Ridgely,TN             when I saw her,made no effort to dianose                          
3622      Mrs.Cordie DEW ?              f    w     m         housewife               19y5m9d       2/14/30    Hardin Co TN         dist 6      no physician                            George NORMAN        TN                 Emma McGEE                TN                  not given                T.J.MURDOCK                  no address             wife of Monroe DEW;surname could be DEEN                          
3623      Will ROACH                    m    b     unk       farm laborer            abt.70 yrs.   2/17/30    unk                  dist 6      no physician                            unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 no burial given          Jno GARDNER                  no address             Curry & Peacock of Ridgely Undertakers                            
3524      Phebie CHAMBERLAIN            f    w     m         housewife               59 yrs.       2/23/30    TN                   dist 6      abscess of liver                        Nathan WELLS         Murry Co TN        Mollie THURMAN            Murry Co TN         Madie,TN                 Joe WELLS                    Ridgely,TN             Wife of Tom CHAMBERLAIN.Murry is Maury Co.                        
3625      Dewitt GIGGINS                m    b     m         farm hand               8/12/05       1/19/30    Newbern,TN           dist 8      myocarditis,dropsy,syphilis             Jim GIGGINS          unk                Mary Emma THOMAS          TN                  Free Will Cem            Jeff JOHNSON                 Hickman,TN             husband of Nelvina GIGGINS                                        
6237      Bessie Lee WEBB               f    b     m         housewife               21 yrs.       3/11/30    TN                   dist ?      acute gastro-interitis                  Wess WILLIAMS        TN                 Nellie FOWKLES            IL                  Tiptonville              Nellie WILLIAMS              Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
6238      Lauchlin Griffin EZELL        m    w     s         auto salesman           4/23/1898     3/19/30    Lake Co TN           dist 2      acute dilation of heart;chronic--       Alex EZELL           KY                 Sarah Bell SHAW           Lake Co TN          Tiptonville              ?? EZELL                     Tiptonville,TN         chronic myocarditis;acute alcoholic poisoning                     
6239      Metria EMMERSON               f    b     s         cook                    abt.20 yrs.   2/9/30     Gibson Co TN         dist 2      meningecocus meningitis                 unk                  unk                Laura EMERSON             TN                  Tiptonville              Herbert SANDERS              Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
6240      Lenora PATTERSON              f    b     s         farm laborer            abt.29 yrs.   3/3/30     TN                   dist 8      revolver bullet wound;homicide          unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 Lake Co TN               Daisy WILLIAMS               no address given                                                                         
6241      Ida B. CHAMPION               f    w     m         housewife               10/19/1882    3/24/30    Perry Co TN          dist 4      uremia;nephritis                        Zack GROOMS          unk                Nancy Jane RICHARDSON     unk                 Madie Cem                Jno.F.CHAMPION               Wynnburg,TN                                                                              
6242      Mose DRAKE                    m    w     w         farm labor              abt.43 yrs.   3/3/30     unk                  dist 5      no physician                            unk                  unk                Adeline DRAKE             unk                 not given                Mose MYERS                   Ridgely,TN             Curry & Peacock undertakers                                       
6243      Isom BREWER                   m    w     m         farm laborer            54 yrs.       3/8/30     TN                   dist 5      memingitis                              James BREWER         TN                 unk                       unk                 Horn Ridge               Rube NICHOLS                 Ridgely,TN                                                                               
6244      Mrs.Gertrude STRICKLEN        f    w     m         housewife               7/15/14       3/18/30    Benton Co TN         dist 5      no doctor                               William HILL         Houston Co TN      Katherine SIMS            Benton Co TN        Hornbeak Cem.            J.H. SHELTON                 Ridgely,TN                                                                               
6245      Milburne CROUCH Jr.           m    w     s         none                    3/24/30       3/26/30    Lake Co TN           dist 5      no physician                            Milburn CROUCH       Lake Co TN         Beatrice GOODMAN          Lake Co TN          Madie Cem                Jack CARLTON                 Ridgely,TN                                                                               
6246      Neely ? MOORING               f    b     m         housewife               50y6m         3/27/30    TN                   dist 5      aortic insufficiency                    unk                  Crockett Co TN      RANER                    Tiptonville,TN      Ridgely Cem              Chester MOORING husband       Ridgely,TN                                                                              
8833      J.B. SMITH                    m    w     m         school janitor          11/11/1857    3/15/30    USA                  dist 2      not able to make diagnosis              unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 Tiptonville              Pete SMITH                   Tiptonville,TN         husband of Nora SMITH                                             
8834      John Willie DOTSON            m    b     s         farm laborer            1/5/11        3/20/30    AL                   dist 2      tuberculosis                            Will DOTSON          AL                 unk                       GA                  Freewell                 Ceveland & Dotson            Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
8835      Vader Vernon HOLT             f    w     m         housework               47 yrs.       3/30/30    Gibson Co TN         dist 2      can't read cause of death               W.E.PICKINS          Madison Co TN      Laura McGILL              Madison Co TN       Mt.Olive (Gibson Co)     E.B. HOLT                    Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
8836      Richard M. THROGMORTON        m    w     m         farmer                  68y7m14d      3/18/30    Piggett,AR           dist 4      angina pectoris                         unk                  unk                Miss BEVEL                unk                 Tiptonville              R.H.EASTWOOD                 Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
8837      William Clancy CURTIS         m    w     m         farmer                  52 yrs.       3/5/30     Perry Co TN          dist 4      valvular heart disease                  William CURTIS       Perry Co TN        unk                       unk                 Crockett Chapel,TN       Roy SIMMONS                  not given                                                                                
8838      Chas.BROWN                    m    b     s         farm laborer            abt.65 yrs.   4/8/30     TN                   dist 7      intestinal obstruction                  unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 Proctor Cem              Jim HUNT                     Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
8839      Charles WAGNER                m    w     s         none                    1m9d          4/24/30    KY                   dist 8      intestinal intoxication;premature        Charles WAGNER      KY                 Bertha LAMBERT            KY                  not given                Charles WAGNER               Phillippy,TN                                                                             
8840      John Allen SMITH              m    w     m         farmer                  40 yrs.       4/1/30     Saltilla,TN          dist 3      lobar pneumonia                         unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 Old Madie Cem            C.F. HOWELL                  Bogota,TN              husband of Eddie HOWELL SMITH                                     
8841      George Titus NEAL             m    b     s         none                    2m19d         4/2/30     Ridgely,TN           dist 3      whooping cough                          Tommy Lee NEAL       Terrell,TN         Helen Ray WHITLER         Dyer,TN             Ridgely Cem              Harry A. GEORGE              Wynnburg,TN                                                                              
8842      Charles Roy SHIRLEY           m    w     s         none                    4/16/30       4/17/30    Lake Co TN           dist 5      found no cause                          Sampson SHIRLEY      Union Co MS        Rays SMITH                Chester Co TN       not given                Tom HAYNES                   Ridgely,TN                                                                               
8843      Effie Caldonie SEATON         f    w     m         housework               47y3m1d       4/30/30    Dyer Co TN           dist 5      uteniel carcinomia                      W.L.HUNNICUTT        Nashville,TN       Ocasia KEITH              Nashville,TN        Madie Cem                not given                    not given              wife of O.T. SEATON                                               
8844      Mrs.Mattie FALKNER            f    w     m         laborer                 50y1m         4/24/30    USA                  dist 5      pulmonary tuberculosis                  Gid DANIEL           unk                unk                       unk                 Madie Cem                not given                    not given              wife of William FALKNER                                           
11351     Odis HALL                     m    w     s         child                   5/29/30       5/29/30    Lake Co TN           dist 3      undetermined                            Odis HALL            Middle TN          Mary ONEAL                Clay Co AR          not given                Odis HALL                    Ridgely,TN  RFD#11                                                                       
11352     Mrs.Marvin MITCHELL           f    w     m         not given               9/2/07        5/5/30     Benton Co TN         dist 5      pneumonia                               Green NORDAN         Benton Co TN       Bell HIGDON               Benton Co TN        Madie Cem                Aruida DENTON                Ridgely,TN                                                                               
11353     Shelby Eugine WILLIAMS        m    w     s         child                   11/15/28      5/13/30    TN                   dist 5      homicide;run over by truck              Boyd WILLIAMS        TN                 Miss HART                 TN                  Madie Cem                Mrs.S.H. GORE                Ridgely,TN                                                                               
13914     B.T. WHEATLEY Jr.             m    w     s         child                   6/4/29        6/1/30     Lake Co TN           dist 2      cholera infantum                        B.T. WHEATLEY        Dyer Co TN         Myrtle BASS               Lake Co TN          Madie Cem                Herman WHEATLEY              Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
13915     Henry WEST                    m    b     m         farmer                  56 yrs.       5/5/30     MS                   dist 2      apoplexy                                unk                  unk                Ada WEST                  MS                  not given                Tom WEST                     Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
13916     Mrs.Essie Bell LYON           f    w     m         housewife               24y8m5d       6/18/30    Waverly,TN           dist 3      septicemia endo metrites                John RAINEY          Waverly,TN         Susie BURNET ?            Waverly,TN          not given                John LYON  husband           Ridgely,TN             her son Alfred Alexander died 7/28 burial Antioch                 
13917     Mrs.Emma TANKSLEY             f    w     m         housewife               11/3/08       6/16/30    Maury Co,TN          dist 4      facial ensipelas                        E.R. MOSELY          Maury Co TN        Mary McCOY                Maury Co TN         Elbridge                 E.M. KUYKENHALL              Memphis,TN             wife of Bruce TANKSLEY                                            
13918     Saddie Marver CRABTREE        f    w     s         at home                 9/16/27       6/16/30    Lake Co TN           dist 6      tumor of brain                          William CRABTREE     Madison Co TN      Effie DAVISON             Dickson Co TN       Madie Cem                not given                    not given                                                                                
13919     Lettie Mae FULLER             f    b     s         none                    1/26/29       6/23/30    TN                   dist 3      acute gasteo ?leritis                   Robert FULLER        TN                 Mary EDWARDS              TN                  Hudson Grove             Mary FULLER                  Ridgely,TN                                                                               
13920     Adaline CROUCH                f    w     w         widowed                 52y8m12d      6/26/30    KY                   dist 5      can't read cause of death               John FLOOD           unk                unk                       unk                 Madie Cem                C.J. CROUCH                  Ridgely,TN                                                                               
13921     Virginia MABERRY              f    w     s         none                    6 days        6/26/30    Obion Co TN          dist ?      premature                               Harve MABERRY        TN                 Myrtle HOLLAND            Dyer Co TN          Hornbeak                 Harve MABERRY                not given                                                                                
13922     Raymond SMITH                 m    w     s         none                    5/29/30       6/29/30    Caruthersville MO    dist 6      sephilitic                              Henry SMITH          TN                 Annie Mai SINGLETON       Tn                  Madie Cem                Robert SINGLETON             not given                                                                                
16461     Carl DYER                     m    w     s         child                   6/27/14       7/11/30    Perry Co TN          dist 3      myelitis with? encesphalitis            Guy DYER             Perry Co TN        Freda HUNT                Perry Co TN         Madie Cem                F.E.MURPHEY                  not given                                                                                
16462     no name BARTLETT              m    w     s         none                    7/2/30        7/2/30     Ridgely TN           dist 5      no doctor                               J.A. BARTLETT        TN                  BARTLETT                 TN                  Horn Ridge               I.S. BARTLETT                Ridgely,TN                                                                               
16463     Billie YARBRO                 m    w     s         none                    2 years       7/11/30    Dyer Co TN           dist 5      enteritis                               Roy YARBRO           KY                  CURSER                   Weakley Co TN       Horn Ridge               Roy YARBRO                   not given                                                                                
16464     Sam JOHNSON                   m    b     m         laborer                 75 yrs.       7/23/30    Tipton Co TN         dist 5      arotic regurgation                      unk                  Tipton Co TN       Venia Plue JOHNSON        TN                  not given                Louise MARKHAM               not given                                                                                
16465     Alfred Alexander LYON         m    w     s         none                    5m10d         7/28/30    Lake Co TN           dist 5      no doctor                               John LYON            VA                 Essie Bell RAMSEY         Waverly,TN          Antioch                  Nat WYATT                    not given                                                                                
16466     Charles Robert PERKINS        m    w     s         none                    9/18/28       7/1/30     Lake Co TN           dist ?      cholra infantine                        Ernest PERKINS       TN                 Mollie FRENCH             TN                  Ke??e                    Clay WYNNE                   Wynnburg,TN                                                                              
18962     Dallon MEEKS                  m    w     s         infant                  17 days       4/20/30    Lake Co TN           dist 1      broncial pneumonia                      W.L.? MEEKS          TN                 Rosa DECKER               KY                  Proctor City Cem         W.L.? MEEKS                  not given                                                                                
18963     Frank WEATHERSPOON            m    b     m         not given               5/26/02       7/16/30    KY                   dist 1      valvular heart disease                  unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 Lake Co Tn Cem           H.R.PARKS                    Tiptinville,TN         husband of Ethel WEATHERSPOON                                     
18964     Edward Cortese MEEKS          m    w     s         child                   10y11m16d     2/19/30    Lake Co TN           dist 1      double lobar pneumonia                  Hubb MEEKS           TN                 Rosa DECKER               KY                  Cronanville,TN           Hubb MEEKS                   Tiptonville,TN R#1                                                                       
18965     Mizelar WOOD                  f    b     m         housewife               5/5/1897      6/22/30    TN                   dist ?      acute gastro-interitis                  John BELL            Tipton Co TN       Hester BELL               Lauderdale Co TN    not given                R.B.ALGEE                    not given              Curry & Peacock undertakers                                       
18966     Earl SAVAGE                   m    b     m         farm laborer            abt.36 yrs.   8/3/30     MS                   dist 2      accidental death;blow on head--         Warren SAVAGE        MS                 Hattie PEYTON             unk                 Blytheville,AR           Warren SAVAGE                Luxora,AR                --concussion of brain.                                          
18967     Luritta DUNN                  f    w     w         housewife               87y4m         8/15/30    McNairy Co TN        dist 2      senility                                David HURST          TN                 Elizabeth HURST           MS                  Crocketts Chapel         W.J. HURST                   Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
18968     Pearly May SPAIN              f    w     s         at home                 11/16/25      5/10/30    Dyer Co TN           dist 2      laryugeal diphtheria                    Dorace SPAIN         Humphreys Co TN    Fannie TANNA              Obion Co TN         Obion Co Cem             Gus CRAFTON,                 Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
18969     Willie G. LEWIS               m    b     s         none                    7 months      4/10/30    Lake Co TN           dist 3      acute colitis                           Oliver LEWIS         TN                 Mattie WHITE              TN                  not given                J.B.WHITE                    not given                                                                                
18970     Spencer DANIEL                m    b     m         laborer                 41 yrs.       7/7/30     Prarie Station,MS    dist 7      acute myocarditis                       Armster DANIEL       MS                 Margarett BLANCHETT       MS                  Freewill Cem             Clifton Daniel               Egypt,MS                                                                                 
18971     James GRAYES                  m    b     m         farmer                  38y24d        8/26/30    Marvel,AR            dist 8      hypertension;heart attack               unk                  unk                Bettie VORDIS             unk                 Marvel,Ar burial         Mary L.GRAYES  wife          Phillippy,TN                                                                             
18972     Mrs.Hattie HARPER             f    w     w         none                    1862          7/28/30    Obion Co TN          dist 8      sunstroke                               unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 Gleason,TN burial        Mr.BROWER                    not given                                                                                
18973     Minnie LOCKERIDGE             f    b     m         housework               1890          6/4/30     MO                   dist 8      no doctor;heart failure                 unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 Phillippy,TN burial      F.F. MOORING                 Phillippy,TN                                                                             
18974     James Harris ARGO             m    w     s         infant                  16 months     8/5/30     Lake Co TN           dist 5      colitis                                 Paul ARGO            TN                 Shelby RICE               Lake Co TN          Madie Cem                Paul ARGO                    Ridgely,TN                                                                               
18975     Howard A. LEARY               m    w     s         child                   1y28d         8/10/30    Michigan             dist 5      elo colitis                             Henry LEARY          Lake Co TN         Collis BOWERS ?           Lake Co TN          Madie Cem                John LEARY                   Ridgely,TN                                                                               
18976     Ramona STANFIELD              f    w     s         infant                  4 days        8/10/30    Lake Co TN           dist 5      no physician                            Harve STANFIELD      Lake Co TN         Mollie Lee SULLIVAN       Lake Co TN          can't read cemetery      J.R. ADAMS                   Ridgely,TN                                                                               
21150     John GASTON                   m    b     s         cotton farm laborer     1858          4/4/30     IL                   dist 1      syphletic myocarditis                   unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 can't read cemetery      Dick NESBITT                 Tiptonville,TN         Curry & Peacock Undertakers                                       
21151     D.B. BURNETT                  m    w     m         farmer                  72y6m23d      9/8/30     Smith Co TN          dist 5      cerebral hemorrhage                     John H. BURNETT      Lynchburg,VA       Savannah JOHNSON          Selma AL            Madie                    Mrs.R. WILLEY                Ridgely,TN                                                                               
21152     Joladla BASIE                 f    b     s         none                    1y17m14d      9/10/30    Lake Co TN           dist 5      meningitis                              Bill BASIE           TN                 MADRY                     TN                  Halls                    not given                    Ridgely,TN                                                                               
21153     James DAVIS                   m    b     s         none                    1y7m22d       9/20/30    Lake Co TN           dist 5      permecious malaria                      Jesse DAVIS          Madison Co TN      Gladys PEORIA             Dyer Co TN          not given                M.L. RANKIN                  Ridgely,TN             Curry & Peacock Undertakers                                       
21154     Georgia MOORE                 f    b     s         housework               abt.24 yrs.   9/22/30    TN                   dist 5      no doctor in charge                     Nick MOORE           TN                 Angeline MOORE            TN                  Rock Springs             William MOORE                Ridgely,TN                                                                               
21155     Marry WAYSON                  m    w     s         none                    8/?/1930      8/27/30    Ridgely,TN           dist 5      two days old;convulsions;               A.E. WAYSON          Lake Co,TN         Lucil BARBEE              TN                  Horn Ridge               A.E. WAYSON                  not given                                                                                
21156     Alma Sadie FOX                f    w     s         none                    1m2d          8/20/30    Lake Co TN           dist 6      no physician                            George FOX           Dyer Co TN         Edna NOEL                 TN                  Horn Ridge               J.A. CARTER                  Ridgely,TN                                                                               
23354     Eltia May MORRIS              f    w     s         none                    1y3m          10/6/30    Dyersburg TN         dist 2      acute arthritis                         Lee MORRIS           TN                 Effie MORRIS              TN                  Crocketts Chapel         Ruth JONES                   Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
23355     William RODGERS               m    b     m         farmer                  83 yrs.       10/12/30   Dresdan TN           dist 2      acute myocarditis                       Ben RODGERS          TN                 unk                       unk                 Lake Co                  Alex JOHNSON                 Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
23356     Josie DAVIS                   f    b     m         housewife               abt.65 yrs.   7/24/30    TN                   dist 2      acute apoplexy                          unk                  TN                 unk                       TN                  Tiptonville,TN           Alice BROWN                  Tiptonville,TN         wife of Nat DAVIS                                                 
23357     Charles Alton PUGH            m    w     s         none                    4 days        6/26/30    Lake Co TN           dist 4      lack of nuroushment in uterus--         Wallace Pugh         IL                 Pauline HOOD              TN                  Lake Co Cem              G.E. PUGH                    Ridgely,TN             I saw no cause on part of mother                                  
23358     Ben JOHNSON                   m    b     s         farm hand               85 yrs.       10/4/30    unk                  dist 2      no physician;old age                    unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 Tiptonville,TN           J.B. HOPSON                  Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
23359     Johnnie DAVIS                 f    b     m         cook                    5/10/00       10/18/30   KY                   dist 7      cerebral hemorrhage                     John WILSON          Ky                 unk                       KY                  Paducah,Ky               Mary Lee Guinn               not given                                                                                
23360     William Everett HOOD          m    w     s         at home                 1 yr.         10/19/30   Lake Co TN           dist 7      dysentery bocillary                     L.H. HOOD            TN                 Mary RAMSEY               TN                  Cronanville,TN           L.H. HOOD                    not given                                                                                
23361     Willie Ann MATTHEWS           m    b     s         at home                 7m5d          9/14/30    Lake Co TN           dist 7      acute colitis                           Annanias MATTHEWS    TN                 Mamie ROSS                TN                  Proctor City,TN          Eddie MOSS                   Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
23362     Walter JOHNSON                m    b     w         farm work               35 yrs.       8/11/30    Humboldt,TN          dist 7      found dead in woods;unk cause            Joe CUNNINGHAM      unk                unk                       unk                 Proctor City,TN          Fred HYDE                    Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
23363     Paralee HODGE                 f    b     s         farm hand               34 yrs.       6/7/30     TN                   dist 7      sick for weeks;no diagnosis             unk                  TN                 Brancj? HODGE             TN                  not given                L.H. HUNT                    Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
23364     James PARTEE                  m    b     m         farm hand               21 yrs.       9/18/39    Ripley,TN            dist 8      no cause given                          Gip PARTEE           unk                Ella TIMMON               Haywood Co TN       Phillippy,TN             William PARTEE               Phillippy,TN                                                                             
23365     Viola BARNETT                 f    w     s         book keeper             10/11/11      8/24/30    KY                   dist 8      suicide;taking 4 ozs Lysol              Herman BARNETT       KY                 Mrs.Maud VAUGHT           KY                  Barnett Graveyard        Herman BARNETT               Phillippy,TN                                                                             
23366     Mat BUSBY                     m    w     s         farm laborer            abt.48 yrs.   8/28/30    USA                  dist 8      cardiac valvular disease                unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 not given                Lee SIMS                     Phillippy,TN           Curry & Peacock Undertakers                                       
23367     Dewhitt GIGGINS               m    b     m         farmer                  24 yrs.       1/18/30    TN                   dist 8      cronic nephritis syphilis               Jim GIGGENS          MS                  THOMPSON                 TN                  Tiptonville,TN           Emmer JOHNSON                Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
23368     Marylyn Joe KING              f    w     s         none                    9/12/30       10/31/30   Lake Co TN           dist 5      broncho pneumonia                       Herman KING          Menick,TN          Gladys SMITH              Maury City,TN       Minick Cem               not given                    not given                                                                                
23369     John PHILLIPS                 m    w     m         laborer                 38 yrs.       10/1/30    KY                   dist 5      myocarditis; malarial                   unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 Madie                    Spencer BRADFORD             Ridgely,TN             husband of Lorenda PHILLIPS                                       
23370     Elmer BERRYMAN                m    w     s         none                    7/2/29        10/9/30    Lake Co TN           dist 5      no physician                            Dalton BERRYMAN      KY                 Mamie LYNN                KY                  Horn Ridge               Dalton BERRYMAN              Ridgely,TN                                                                               
23371     Louise SMITH                  f    b     s         cotton picker           25 yrs.       10/12/30   Shelby Co TN         not given   no physician                            unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 not given                H. HARRINGTON                Ridgely,TN             Curry & Peacock Undertakers                                       
23372     Beatrice SMITH                f    b     s         none                    2 yrs.        10/12/30   Lake Co TN           dist 5      no doctor                               William SMITH        AR                 Opal SMITH                TN                  not given                W.A. McCUTCHEN               Ridgely,TN                                                                               
23373     Bessie Mai MILES              f    w     s         none                    2y1m          10/17/30   Lake Co TN           dist 3      no physician                            Robert MILES         MS                 Irene HICK                Lake Co TN          not given                Jess WHITE                   Ridgely,TN                                                                               
23374     Eugene SMITH                  m    w     s         none                    ??            10/28/30   Lake Co TN           dist 5      whooping cough                          Edgar SMITH          Lake Co TN         Lillian SMITH             Lake Co TN          not given                Mrs.Pauline SMITH            Ridgely,TN                                                                               
25647     Johnson FOWKLES               m    b     s         at home                 1 yr.         11/4/30    TN                   not given   colitis                                 Johnson FOWKLES      TN                 unk                       TN                  Proctor City             Forrest MOORING              Phillippy,TN                                                                             
25648     not named LEE                 m    w     s         none                    11/24/30      11/24/30   Tiptonville TN       dist 2      unable to resuscitate after birth       Ernest Lloyd LEE     Hornbeak,TN        Freddie SALMONS           Lake Co TN          Tiptonville              R.W. GRIFFIN                 Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
25649     Bessie Lee WEBB               f    b     m         housewife               20 yrs.       3/12/30    TN                   dist 2      acute gastro-uteritis                   Wess WILLIAMS        TN                 Nellie WILLIAMS           IL                  Tiptonville,TN           Nellie WILLIAMS              not given                                                                                
25650     Sam HOPKINS                   m    b     s         farm laborer            abt.75 yrs.   10/22/30   unk; USA             dist 7      chronic pulmonary T.B.                  unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 not given                Jno HUNT                     Tiptonville,TN         Curry & Peacock Undertakers                                       
25651     Elxada MAR?KNESS              f    b     s         not given               26 yrs.       11/3/30    unk                  dist 5      no doctor                               unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 not given                M.L. RANKINS                 Ridgely,TN             Curry & Peacock undertakers                                       
25652     Tempie SHARP                  f    b     m         housewife               47 yrs.       11/3/30    unk                  dist 5      apoplexy                                unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 not given                W.A. McCUTCHEN               Ridgely,Tn             wife of T.Ivory Nichols Curry & Peacock Undertaker                
25653     H.T. HAYNES                   m    w     m         farmer; Mayor           51y7m2d       11/29/30   Lake Co TN           dist 5      saw man as coroner;accidental-           C.H. HAYNES         TN                 unk                       unk                 Madie                    W.C. HAYNES                  Ridgely,TN             gunshot to heart. husb. of Nell OWEN HAYNES                       
25654     James BLEDSOE                 m    w     s         infant                  5m17d         10/14/30   TN                   dist 4      colitis                                 James BLEDSOE        TN                 unk                       unk                 not given                C.B. RHODES                  Wynnburg,TN            Curry & Peacock Undertakers                                       
29873     Nicholas BORDEN               m    w     m         cotton farm laborer     47y10m29d     11/16/30   USA                  dist 1      lobar pneumonia                         unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 not given                Pete GUNNELLS                Tiptonville,TN         husb.of Mary BORDEN  Curry & Peacock undtaks.                     
29874     Joe MAYS                      m    w     w         unable to work          abt.67 yrs.   11/12/30   USA                  dist 2      could not give diagnosis                unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 not given                Jno M. HAWKINS               Tiptonville,TN         Curry & Peacock                                                   
29875     James L. HOLIFIEED?           m    w     w         retired carpenter       1863          11/29/30   KY                   dist 2      acute cold; senility                    M.J. HOLIFIEED       USA                unk                       unk                 Tiptonville,TN           D.J. HOLIFIEED               Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
29876     John LOVE                     m    b     w         farm hand               abt.57 yrs.   12/10/30   Henry Co TN          dist 2      general dropsey                         unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 Tiptonville,TN           T.A.ERWIN                    Tip[tonville,TN                                                                          
29877     Mattie RODGERS                f    b     m         housewife               38 yrs.       10/25/30   TN                   dist 3      chronic nephritis                       Emmet WESTBROOK      Lake Co TN         Malinda WRIGHT            TN                  Tiptonville,TN           Ellis RODGERS                not given                                                                                
29878     MISSING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
29879     Mary CLARK                    f    b     m         housekeeper             abt.45 yrs.   9/1/30     Humboldt,TN          dist 7      tuberculosis                            Bill FULLER          unk                Fannie FULLER             unk                 Tiptonville,TN           Earl LINSEY                  not given              wife of R.J. CLARK                                                
29880     James Richard NEWSOM          m    w     s         infant                  10 months     10/3/30    KY                   dist 7      meningitis                              H.N. NEWSOM          KY                 Clennie RULE              KY                  not given                H.N. NEWSOME                 not given              Curry & Peacock                                                   
29881     Mary Elizabeth HENDERSON      f    b     s         baby                    3/20/30       10/18/30   Lake Co TN           dist 7      colitis                                 Claude HENDERSON     Rutherford,TN      Mattie Bell JENKINS       Crockett Co TN      Proctor City,TN          Claude HENDERSON             Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
29882     James Thomas PITTS            m    w     s         none                    4 months      10/14/30   Lake Co TN           dist 7      broncho pneumonia                       Clarence W. PITTS    Decatur Co TN      Era WHITFIELD             Benton Co TN        not given                Clarence PITTS               not given                                                                                
29883     Della COFFE                   f    b     m         housewife               abt.50 yrs.   10/31/30   unk                  dist 7      no doctor                               unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 Cronanville,TN           Harris CAMPBELL              Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
29884     Mrs.Elizabeth DUNNING         f    w     w         at home                 94y17d        12/1/30    USA                  dist 7      no diagnosis;senility only cause         unk                 unk                unk                       unk                 Cronanville Cem          G.W.ESTES                    Tiptonville,TN                                                                           
29885     Minnie MOODY                  f    b     m         at home                 1884          12/6/30    unk                  dist 7      pneumonia                               unk                  unk                unk                       unk                 Fruitvale,TN             Blanchie MOODY               Tiptonville,TN         wife of Hurley MOODY                                              
29886     Willie THOMPSON  Jr           m    b     s         at home                 1 yr.         12/15/30   Lake Co TN           dist 7      broncho pneumonia                       Willie THOMPSON      TN                 Bettie MARTIN             TN                  Tiptonville,TN           Willie THOMPSON              Tiptonville,TN R#1                                                                       
29887     Tom Laverne SCOTT             f    w     s         none                    24 hours      11/8/30    Lake Co TN           dist 8      can't read causes                       Herman SCOTT         Lake Co TN         Ethel ANDREWS             TN                  Cronansville,TN          Herman SCOTT                 Phillippy,TN                                                                             
29888     Charlie JOHNSON               m    w     s         baby                    10 months     11/21/30   Lake Co TN           dist 8      bronchial pneumonia                     Ed WARREN            unk                Beulah KING               unk                 Phillippy,TN             Forrest ROTHMAN              Phillippy,TN           am unsure if Ed Warren was correct & Johnson not added.