Wallace Family Bible

This was my Grandmother's family bible.This is how she had it in her own hand writing.
 Kathy Ozment  at  ozmentkl1@charter.net
1st Page
Present to
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Wallace
R#2 Halls Tennessee
by: Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Wallace
Date: July 2,1961
2nd Page
Henry Murray Wallace b. March 2,1906
Jessie Ella Bell Hood b. April 13,1912
Married March 10,1938
performed by J.H. Hickerson Jp
at Caruthersville, Pemiscot,Missouri
3rd Page
Wedding Attendant: Nora Isabell Bruce Hogan
4th Page
Nora Isabell Bruce Hogan
Father: Edward Bruce
Mother: Viola Trivelun Bruce
5th Page
My, Jessie Wallace's
Father: William Jessie Hood
Mother: Nora Isabell Hood
Grandfather: Aubil Hood
Grandmother: Mandy Bell Pennington Hood
6th Page
C.W. Wallace b. April 29,1932 Ridgely,Tenn. married to Elaine Sinders b. 1928 m.May 25,1953 in Ark.
Billy Waymom Wallace married to Janet Gay Walker Nov. 20,1962
James Henry Wallace married to Phyllis Macleod Nov. 2,1963
Linda Lou Wallace b. Feb. 16,1950 Tiptonville,Tn.m. Micheal Thompson March 20,1969
Gary Trent Wallace married Cynthia Sawyers Nov. 16,1972
Wendy Michell Wallace b. Sept. 18,1973  Dyersburg,Tn.
David Micheal Ozment b. May 17,1974 Dyersburg,Tn.
Preston Wayne Ozment b. Jan.18,1977 Dyersburg,Tn.
7th Page
Gail Lynn Spence b. Feb. 18,1979
Kelly Jo Spence b. Nov.3.1982
Joe Thomas Kemmerling b. July 16,1986
Dorothy Laverne Wallace b. jan.19,1934 Ridgely,Tn. married  to Monroe Moore June 20,1958
Kathy Laverne Moore b. April 10,1959
Micheal Moore b. May 16,1960
Carol Moore b. Dec. 29,1961
Wesley Bryon Wallace b. Sept. 11,1963
Alvie Wayne Wallace Jr. b. July 26,1964
Tonie Rennia Wallace b. Sept.11,1964
Teresa Faye Wallace b. Aug. 28,1966
8th Page
Kerri Thompson b. July 26,1975
Alis Wayne Wallace b. Oct.6,1939 Winnburg,Tn. m. Glenda Joan Tirey Dec. 13,1958 Union City,Tn.
Debbie Joan Wallace b. Oct. 9,1959 Dyersburg,Tn.
Billy Waymon Wallace b. Oct. 30,1941 Hickman, Ky.
James Wallace b. Nov.1,1943 Hickman,Ky.
Tolbert Wallace b. Sept. 14,1947 Hickman,Ky.
Edward Wallace b. Aug. 26,1945 Hickman, Ky.
Kimberly Dawn Wallace b. Jan.5,1975
Linda Lou Wallace b. Feb.16,1950 Tiptonville,Tn.
Danny Wallace b.Oct.10,1952 Dyersburg,Tn.
Gary Trent Wallace b. April 26,1954 Halls,Tn.
Henry Murray Wallace Jr. b.May 30,1956 Halls,Tn.
8th Page
Amy Carol Wallace b. July 11,1975
Barry Shannon Wallace b.May 29,1975
Geneva Wallace b.Sept. 8,1938
Nellie Ann Wallace b. March 26,1949
Mandy Bell Pennington Wayson b. July 14,1863 d. Sept. 21,1961
Jeffery Swain Wallace b.April 18,1970 Dalton Ga.
Brian Hamilton Thompson b. Oct. 9,1970 Dalton,Ga.
Christopher Justin Wallace b. March 13,1973 Dalton Ga. to Tolbert and Elaine Wallace
10th Page : Military Records
C W Wallace from 1953 to 1958 United States Army Private Corporal, Sargent,Staff Sgt. At Camp Chaffie and Germany,Fort Mead, Maryland. Combat duty at: Camp Chaffie Ark.
11th Page: Military Records
Edward Wallace from 1965 to 1966 United States Navy ,Seamon Apprentice Great Lakes,Ill.,San Diego, California
12th Page
Mary Dennie Hood Cox d.Nov.27,1975
Elaine Wayson Larue b. Jan.31,1920 d. Nov. 6,1974
Chess Hood b.Oct.30,1909
Homer Wayson b.Aug.2,1915
Elaine Wayson b. Jan.31,1920
Freylon Wallace b. Sept.20,1900
Frank Wallace b. Jan.30,1904
George Wallace b. Feb.9,1902
Boatwright Wallace b. Sept.7,1910
Carry Wallace Lewis b. Oct.25,1912
Sally Wallace Ernest b. Dec.29,1918
Brown Wallace b.April 21,1916
John Lou Hood b. March 8,1907
John Wayne Larue b. Oct. 1940
Bud Vernon Franklin Hood b. July 30,1932 d. Aug.24,1971
Bo John William Thomas Hood age 34 in 1971
Silas Hood d. Feb.21,1973 age 77 buried Feb. 23
Margaret Slaughter d. Feb.23, buried Feb. 25,1973 age 93
13th Page
Kimberly Dawn Wallace b. Jan.5,1975
Elvis Presley b. Jan.8,1935 d. Aug.16,1977
Chess Hood b. Oct. 30,1909 d. Nov. 28,1974
President Kennedy was killed Nov. 22,1963 b.1917
John lou Hood b. March 8,1907 d.June14 1966
John Wayne Larue b. Oct. 1940 d. June 11,1966
Robert Kennedy was shot June 5,1968 age 42
Chess Hood B. Oct.30,1909 d. Nov. 28,1974
Martin Luther King was shot April 4,1968 age 39
Kerri Allica Thomason b. July26,1975
Dewite Eisenhowe b.Oct.14,1890 d. March 28,1969
Titanic sank April 15,1912
Nellie Hood d. April 25,1972 b. 1919
My mothers ring was bought 1972
Elaine Wayson Larue b. Jan.31,1920 d. Nov. 6,1974
14th Page
Luradell Bruce Raney d. Aug. 26,1976 age 57
Geneva Wallace b. Sept. 8,1938 d. Oct. 23,1938
Nellie Ann Wallace b. March26,1949 d. April 15,1949
Mrs. Ida Tennessee Wallace d. June 17,1959
George Wallace d. May 1,1932
James Robert Hood b. Jan. 2,1930 d. March 11,1962
John Lou Hood b. March 8,1907 d. June 14,1966
John Wayne Larue b. Oct. 1940 d. June 11,1966
Aubry Hood d. Feb.11,1967
Bertie Lane d. Feb 3,1969
George Hood d. Sept. 1969
Uncle Bob Eaves d. June 11,1970
Freylon Wallace d. July 27,1970
Nora Isabell Hogan d. March 16,1971 b. 1890


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