Burrus Chapel Cemetery

Transcribed by William & Gay Mathis 5/10/2001 - Done By the Best of Our Abilities. Use As A Guide Only. Not responsible for errors.  lgm2002@bellsouth.net

5/30/01 - Corrections submitted by Jere Brinkley

Directions: Go South on HWY 78 from Tiptonville to Wynnburg. Turn left on Wynnburg Road. Follow road for several miles. Burrus Cemetery on right side of road

From Ridgely: Go North on HWY 78  to Wynnburg. Turn right on Wynnburg Road. Follow road for several miles. Burrus Cemetery on right side of road

Another Direction: Hwy 21 turn left on Sunkist Beach Road. Stay on Sunkist Beach Road to Wynnburg Road turn left & stay on road to Burrus Cemetery


Beal, Ophelia Ethridge   6/10/1924–12/20/2001 (Same Stone)

      Note:  obituary appeared two weeks in a row - second week listed death as 12/27/2001.

Beal, Flavel E. 10/16/1916–6/10/1980 (Same Stone)

Beal, Bulah V. 8/22/1884–9/9/1951

Beal, Robert C. 7/6/1877–1/10/1967

Beal, Carl Lawrence 6/2/1970–1/21/1987

Beal, Earline 8/13/1915–No Death Date (Same Stone)

Beal, Alston E. 9/25/1907–8/1/1981 (Same Stone)

Billman, A. Kara 1/6/1895–10/13/1971 (Same Stone)

Billman, Eura D. 9/14/1891–6/221954 (Same Stone)

Bond, Matt J. 1855-1925

Brewer, Odie C. 11/26/1932–No Death Date (Same Stone)

Brewer, Betty J. 1/27/1930–11/7/1994 (Same Stone)

Brown, R. A. 1862-1924 (Same Stone)

Brown, Jo 1867-1918 (Same Stone)

Buchanon, Silas Tucker 4/27/1888--?? (Can’t Read Death Date)

Byrd, Shirley 5/3/1942–3/5/1947 (Same Stone)

Byrd, Gary L. 9/6/1945–9/9/1945 (Same Stone)

Byrd, Florence 1/2/1880–12/12/1954

Byrd, Alva Mae 1912-1982 (Same Stone)

Byrd Willie Owen 1907-1970 (Same Stone)


Calton, Jim 12/24/1877-10/23/1966 (Brother) of Harry??

Calton, Harry Lee 8/22/1936 (One Date Only) PVT 117 INF 30th DIV

Calton, Kate 11/25/1852–2/23/1928 (Same Stone)

Calton, J. L. 1/1/1850–11/22/1929 (Same Stone)

Calton, W. Hugh 7/14/1875–4/7/1943

Chamberlain, Danny Ray 9/14/1952–4/10/1995

Chamberlain, Ray 12/9/1936–No Death Date (Same Stone)

Chamberlain, Betty L. 2/28/1936–9/6/1999 (Same Stone)

Clack, Brady Wilson 3/12/1889–4/13/1893

Clayton, Alma, 9/30/1901–8/14/1910 (Daughter of Bruce & Etna Clayton)

Clayton, Bruce 11/24/1876–11/9/1925 (47 yr, 5 mo, 15 days)

Clayton, Sarah J.. 4/28/1872–11/30/1929

Clayton, Sidney J. 8/17/1870–4/3/1908

Clayton, Gamima E. 3/24/1883–4/2/1907 (Wife of Sid Clayton)

G. E. C. (Foot Rock)

Clayton, W. C. 11/21/1845–5/18/1923

Clayton, Mrs. W. C. (Nancy A. Sharpe Edwards Clayton.  Born 5 Jan 1849, Died 16 Aug. 1908 - provided by Jere Brinkley)  See Family Information Page.

Crabtree, Lindell Eugene 2/21/1934–9/24/1994

Crabtree, Arthur W. 1898–1972 (Same Stone)

Crabtree, Nancy E. 1898–1974


(Corrections and Additions for all Edwards information - provided by Jere Brinkley - see Family Page)

Edwards, Austin L. (Levi)3/23/1889–10/5/1910 (21 yrs, 6 mo, 12 days) (Stepson of W. C. and son of Nancy A. Sharpe Edwards Clayton)

Edwards, Walker M. (Murphy) 7/11/1925–2/9/1928 (Same Stone)

Edwards, Vernon B.(Bradford) 10/19/1922–9/29/1926 (Same Stone)

Edwards children 1 male and 1 female that are missing and should be in the same general area are:

Edwards, Willie Dave - born 4/12/1907 died 11/19/???

Edwards, Faith Norma - born 5/3/1927 died 6/5/1935.


Fowler, Elbert 4/9/1902–10/14/1918 (Son of G. A. & S. J.)


Gooch, Billy W. 9/10/1942–11/12/1989 (Same Stone)

Gooch, Fannie R.( Lee)–12/13/1940–6/3/1995

Gooch, Carolyn Marie 1945–1950

Gooch, Jeff W. 1962-1962

Glascock, Rubye McDonald 12/6/1912–1/24/1991 (Same Stone)

Glascock, J. W. 8/19/1912–5/15/2000 (Same Stone)

Graves, Margret Robison 2/12/1912–4/27/1972

Gregory, Debra E. 7/9/1963–1/1/1979

Grooms, Hattie 1888-1935 (Wife of R. L.)


Hall, Eunice M. 12/27/1911–No Death Date) (Same Stone)

Hall, Wyatt W. 9/1/1910–12/28/1983 (Same Stone) (Married 6/12/1931)

Hamilton, Bertha 1/7/1917–4/7/1996

Hamilton, Horace 5/2/1904–1/23/1995 (Funeral Home Marker)

Hearn, Fannie R. 3/4/1894–11/4/1984

Hill Lottie May (Wife of Charlie Hill) 9/20/1882–12/7/1902

Huitt, William E. 9/22/1905–8/16/1968 (TENN PFC US ARMY WW II)

Huitt, S. L. 1867-1952 (Same Stone)

Huitt, Sally Ann 1865-1932 (Same Stone)


J. M. J. (Foot Rock Only)

Johnson, Ruth 11/22/1970 (Will be 55 yrs old)

Jones James W. 12/5/1898–7/11/1917


Kennon, Harry D. 1891–1976


Lamb, Barbara Jean (Jeanie) 10/26/1956–2/20/1999 (Beloved Mother of Todd Barber)

Lamb, Doug 11/5/1942–6/15/1995

Lamb, C. W. 12/9/1900–2/10/1978

Lamb, Brenda K. 4/21/1949–11/19/1967 (Daughter) (Same Stone)

Lamb, Louella H. 2/24/1909–11/19/1967 (Mother) (Same Stone)

Lamb, Tony Lee 7/22/1952–9/18/1969

Lamb, Betty Sue 6/25/1944–3/2/1997 (Same Stone)

Lamb, Robert, Jr (Billy) 12/8/1938–No Death Date) (Same Stone)

Lamb, Mollie F. 3/15/1880–3/17/1966

Lamb Eunice May 8/7/1911–5/20/1980

Lewis, Alice Cordelia 1/11/1866–12/3/1935

Lewis, Homer 12/28/1900–11/1/1954

Lewis, Snow 3/15/1892–1/29/1929


McDonald, Johnnie C. 9/24/1924–2/12/1995–F 1 U. S. NAVY

McDonald, Catherine 1940-2000

McDonald, Aron T. 9/27/1927–12/12/1972 TENN CPL US ARMY KOREA

McKnight, Hassel Moore 6/21/1932–3/25/1934 (Son of Hassell & Reggie McKnight)

Mills, Sam 1899-1982 PFC US ARMY WW II

Mills, Mildred 2/25/1922-10/29/1998

Mills, Milton (E. Or F. ?) 8/6/1923–11/26/1984

Mitchell, Ebbie C. 5/22/1895–4/11/1982

Mitchell, William Marion 10/13/1914–10/1/1996

Mitchell, Florine 3/13/1920–7/15/1990 (Same Stone)

Mitchell, Rex O. 6/20/1916–5/13/1981 (Same Stone)

Mitchell, Carolyn D. 7/9/1951–No Death Date (Same Stone)

Mitchell Harold E. 9/3/1945–7/7/1995 (Same Stone)

Mitchell, Emma Louise 1/9/1917–10/20/1918 (Baby)

Moore, Oren L. 8/11/1886–6/24/1956 PFC 117 INF WW I

Moore, Carrie R. 9/4/1884–9/3/1964

Moore, Velmarm 6/6/1901–2/19/1905 (Daughter of Joe & Ollie H.)

Morgan, John (Corky) 11/5/1936–3/11/1996 (Same Stone)

Morgan, Doris Jean 12/17/1945–No Death Date (Same Stone)

Murdock, Reginal 11/30/1900-10/12/190? (Broken) (Daughter of A. C. & A. L. Murdock)


Owens, Bud 4/13/1877-7/8/1964


Phillips, Ruth Lewis 11/28/1892–1/8/1987 (Same Stone)

Phillips, John W. 1/13/1877-4/20/1942 (Married 4/3/1912 (Same Stone)


Robison, William S.. 1856-1938 (Same Stone)

Robison, Alice T. 1860-1919 (Same Stone)

Robison, Wilson Stephen 8/19/1905–6/13/1969

Robison, Birdie Hearn 7/24/1885–2/26/1914 (Same Stone)

Robison, James C. 7/21/1879–11/8/1970 (Same Stone)

Robison, Joseph R. 2/13/1910–5/31/1964


Shelton, Elcie Lee 6/24/1909–10/5/1992

Simmons, Norman 2/1/1917–8/12/1917 (Son of Lige & Myrtle Simmons)

Simmons, Ernest Oran 3/10/1918–6/17/1919

Simmons, Helon 1/31/1923-7/29/1923 (Daughter of Lige & Myrtle Simmons)

Simmons, Thomas Andrew 10/10/1925–10/20/1925

Simmons, Joyce Ann 1/4/1938–9/23/1940 (Daughter of Robert & Mary Simmons)

Simpson, Helen Rovene 8/13/1914–3/18/1995 (Same stone)

Simpson, Walter Boyd 3/12/1911–9/13/1993 (Same Stone)

Smothers, Bill 8/28/1893–3/4/1976 PVT US ARMY WW I

Stafford, Eurath O. 5/7/1914–No Death Date (Same Stone)

Stafford, Lloyd C. 10/30/1905–9/3/1980 (Same Stone)

Stanley, Clite 2/7/1878–2/16/1951

Stanley, Maxie 6/8/1894–1/13/1925


Tatum, Hardeman 3/6/1918–6/17/1979 (Same Stone) (Preacher)

Tatum,  Iola  M. 8/23/1923–No Death Date (Same Stone) (Correction by Jere Brinkley)

Tatum, Mavis, 6/17/1924-5/23/1995 (Same Stone)

Tatum, Ivory 1/11/1916–1/14/2000 (Married 11/8/1941) (Same Stone)

Thomason, Larry Wayne 12/13/1944 (Brownsville-Bell Funeral Home Marker) (One Date Only)

Thomason, Travis 4/21/1966–No Death Date

Thomason, Eddie B. 1/14/1902–5/10/1967 (PVT BTRY F 51 COAST ARTY WW II)

Thomason, W. S. 8/13/1871–8/25/1917

Thompson, Etna Uzola 9/10/1915–11/23/1918 (Daughter of Osie Lee Thompson)

Tolar, Mae T. 1/29/1912--5/13/1989 (Same Stone)

Tolar, Willard E. (1/19/1916–2/9/1977 (Same Stone)

Toothman, Florena Nevada 11/20/1893–5/13?/1925


Watts, Laura S. 8/25/1946–No Death Date) (Same Stone)

Watts, Doyle T. 7/11/1940–10/1/1999 (Same Stone)

Whitehead, Freda May 11/12/1919–5/18/1920 (Daughter of F. L. & Nevada Whitehead)

Willbanks, V. L. 1880-1941

Willbanks, Mary 3/14/1946–4/26/1947

Willbanks, Lunah 4/28/1913–11/24/1918

Willbanks, Dorius 10/30/1842–5/6/1911 (Same Stone)

Willbanks, Manervie 11/25/1845–7/23/1918 (Same Stone)

Willis, James Thomas, Jr 4/4/1940-11/27/1940

Wynn, Janie Bell 4/8/1903–11/18/1982


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