Hornridge Cemetery, Lake Co, TN

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Directions: Hwy 78 south from Ridgely to Hwy 79, Turn right, Go about 1 to 2 miles. Turn on 1st blacktop road to the right. The road is right before you get to the railroad tracks.


Alexander, Robert L. 8/11/1868--1/15/1897 (Son f W. L & Jennie Alexander) age 28yrs, 5mo, 4days

Arrington, Ruby 1/7/1929 (One Date Only) (Mother of Robert L., Woodrow, Ludie M. & Leon)

Autry, Susan E. 5/8/1834–Missing Date (Wife of James Autry)


Bradberry, George McClure (G. M. C.) 4/26/1846–2/9/1894 (Same Stone)

Bradberry, Alice Helen, 1858-1897 (Same Stone)


Next 3 (Barbee) All on 1 Stone

Barbee, Mollie 12/25/1924

Barbee, "Pvt" Early 12/15/1924

Barbee, Harry 10/8/1928

Barnes, Mary 11/27/1872–1/15/1913 (Wife of J. P. Barnes)

Barber, J. H. 2/25/1844–5/20/1888

Bargery, J. H. 8/15/1871–4/28/1921

Bargery, Sarah Edith 7/17/1903–10/23/1918

Bartlett, Willie P. 9/18/1895–3/16/1926

Batton, Andrew Jackson 3/2/1884–2/22/1931

Bascum. Theodoria (Wife of G. W. Bascum) (Stone is not all there)

Beard, (Name Broken) 1/30/1883 ? (Child of R. & M. E. Beard)

Brady, Elizabeth 2/14/1846–1 or 6? 28/1897


Carelton, Hays Garrett 12/11/1911–8/1/1916

Chamberland, Betty M. 1900–No death Date (Same Stone)

Chamberland, D. A. 1897–1923 (Same Stone)

Chessor, V. N. (Baby) 10/1936

Chism, Sylvesta 1/10/1937 (Death date Only) (Son of Houston & Elizabeth Chism)

Claud, Maudie B. 11/2/1874–5/9/1897 (Wife Of C. M. Claud) (Same Stone)

Claude, Jimmie 2/9/1897 (Born & Died) (Same Stone)

Condrey, Edmond Alon?? 1?/3/1855–1/23/1899

Connell, Callie Mildred 1870–1928 (Wife of J. D. Connell)

Crum, Dora Dean 5/21/1888–11/24/1907 (Wife of Will Crum)

Curtis, George W. 1848–1884 (3 yrs in US Army 17th KY Calvary Civil War)


Davidson, John Henry Thomas 9/19/1919–8/23/1922


Three Side Stone Below: (Davidson & Kuntz)

Davidson, Stephen W. 12/18/1890–5/9/1913 (23 yrs, 4 mos, 21 days)

Davidson, Andrew A. 12/12/1892–12/18/1912 ( 20 yrs, 6 days)

Kuntz, Ida May 7/12/1883–9/18/1904 (21 yrs, 2 mos, 6 days)


Dial, Jessie 3/6/1863–9/26/1918 (Same Stone)

Dial, Cynthia Calline 10/30/1918 (One Date Only) Age abt 55 yrs (Same Stone)

Dial, Mattie Lee 3/18/1917–1/6/1918

Dial, Charlie(Charley) 3/10/1893–10/24/1918

Dial, Sam 1855-1933 (Same Stone)

Dial, Martha 1860-1933 (Same Stone)

Dial, Jesse 1896-1925

Duncan, Naomi 1899–No Death Date) (Same Stone)

Duncan, Thurman 1889–1931

Dyer, Maudie 9/21/1886–9/26/1922


Enochs, Ellen Edgar 4/4/1890–8/6/1896 (Daughter of W. H. & I. M.)


Fain, Porter 2/2/1902–7/21/1902 (Son of W. W. & Belle Fain)


Gardner, Alvis 2/8/1902–8/15/1926

Gardner, ? R. 7/6/1818–12/10/1886 (Stone Broken)

Garrett??, Lonnie 6/16/1917–10/25/1918 (16 months) (Stone Broken)

George, Newnam H. 1/5/1915–11/6/1926 ( He is buried next to the Newnam people below)

George, Vida Isola 6/23/1888–11/13/1918 (Same Stone)

George, N. B. 5/24/1883–10/4/1918 (Same Stone)

Giles, Johnnie E. (Broken Stone) (Son of ?. C. & m. J. Giles)

Glenn, John F. 12/6/1857??--11/1897

Greer, Jestella 12/3/1888–10/15/1904


Hays, Lula 2/15/1878–9/17/1878 (7 mos, 2 days) (Daughter of W. P. & M. C. Hays)

Hedge, John W. 1877–1936

Howard, Homer 9/16/1888–12/8/1904 16 yrs, 2 mos, 22 days

One Stone Below:

Hutcherson, Grace 4/16/1915–6/8/1916 (Daughter of R. E. Hutcherson)

Hutcherson, Lottie 5/5/1916 (No Birth Date) (Wife of R. E. Hutcherson)

Nichols May 11/30/1877–9/19/1917 (Her name is on the Same Stone as Hutcherson Family)

Hutcherson, Sarah 3/20/1916 (No Birth Date)


Hutching, Cecil 1/25/1908–4/8/1925


Jimmerson, David 10/23/1881–12/7/?? (Stone Broken) (Son of W. S. & D. A.)


Kelly, Martha 10/1/1859–2/15/1906 (Wife of J. P. Kelly)

Knight, Lillian 8/24/1923–1/24/1937

Kuntz, Ida May 7/12/1883–9/18/1904 (21 yrs, 2 mos, 6 days) (See above)


Lay, A. J. 1870-1942 (Father)

Lay, Ethel B. 1903–1925

Leduke ?? 12/14/1881–9/4/1888 (Stone Broken) (?. F. & M. V. Leduke)


McAlilley, Rettie May 1902–1945 (Same Stone)

McAlilley, Ben 1897–1974 (Same Stone)

McCinnis, A. W. ??/7/1867–2/24/1899

McCurdy, T. F. 11/28/1867–9/11/1906

McGinnis, Melvin 1920–1923

Miller, James Lee 8/7/??–8/14/19?? (Unreadable)

Mitchell, L. W. 6/23/1868–8/23/1892

Myrick, Melvin 12/24/19??–11/2/190? (Age 8)


Neal, Henry 7/5/1902–10/2/1905

Neal, Rosie 11/13/1877–2/28/1906 (Wife of J. W. Neal)

Newinon, James Wiley 6/5/1837 or 1857–11/22/1900

Newnam, R. B. 12/25/1891–5/27/1917 (Age 25 yrs, 5 mos, 2 days) (Wife of J. F.)

Newnam, Fryer 12/31/1885–2/12/1923

Newman, Martha C. 1860–1934


Payne, James C. 1882–1883

Payne, Clarence 1881–1882

Payne, Bell 1886-1896

Perkins, Ruth Hendrix 7/7/1889–8/6/1928

Powell, Alice 3/22/1872–3/15/1927 (Wife of ?. M. Powell)

Putnam, Vera 8/3/1902–1/29/1903


Putnam, Robert 2/25/1901–6/24/1904 (Same Stone)

Putnam, George 1/3/1906–10/15/1910 (Same Stone)

Putnam, George W. 1/7/1869–6/28/1912 (Same Stone)



Riley, Infants 1911 (One date Only) (Parents: J. N. & M. G. Riley) (Same Stone)

Riley, Hillery 6/30/1907–5/9/1909 (Same Stone)

Riley, Jula 8/6/1906–9/1/1906 (Same Stone)

(Our darlings)


Rivers, Robert Lee 1931–1932 (Same Stone)

Rivers, Jessie Lee 1933–1934 (Same Stone)

Robinson, Louise 10/22/1916 (One Date Only) (1 yr old) (Same Stone)

Robinson, Lucille 10/1/1918 (One Date Only) (1 yr old) (Same Stone)

Robinson, Lula 1890-1928

Robins, Columbus 7/3/1870–10/15/1926


Shull, Tabitha Parlie 3/26/1860–4/19/1935

Shull, Bolivar 3/6/1860–3/15/1913

Shull, Hurshell 1/28/1912–2/19/1913 (1yr, 22 days) (Son of Will & Emma Shull)

Shull, Robert A. 7/10/1853–3/30/1929

Shull, Mary Ann 4/30/1863–9/3/1920 (Wife of R.. A.. Shull)

Skieworth??, Rachel 5/30/1861–6/2/1894 (Wife of J. J. Skieworth)

Smith, M. T. 5/2/1830–3/21/1893

Spain, Guy Ocie 10/3/1903–2/19/1904

Strieff, Lela 1927 (Death Date Only) (Wife of J. D. Strife)

Sweat, Nancy Bryant (no dates.  Name provided by Mrvaccum@aol.com  "my gggrandmother is buried in Hornridge Cemetery  - looking from the road her grave would to your left  at the base of an old tree at edge of the cemetery")


Traughber, Annie Pearl Born 2/15 (Stone Broken)

Traughber, Zannie D. 1/27/1877–5/10/1915


Warren, Arthur 10/18/1846–8/8/1897

Warren, Blanche 1/20/1902–10/8/1903 (Daughter of James & Faustina Warren)

Wayson, William A. 12/14/1902–11/29/1921

Webber, Lon 1884–1925

Williamson, Ray D. 3/14/1915–2/8/1922

Woodard, Roxie A. 8/4/1874–6/9/1916

Additional people known to be buried in Hornride Cemetery but do not have existing stones:

Vinson, James Enos    (husband)
Vinson, Tiny McClain  (wife)
Helms, Hallie Vinson   (daughter)

These people were buried in the 1920's and 1930's. Info provided by Donna Carter at joecfuss@hotmail.com


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