Jones Cemetery

This Cemetery is often called Cronanville Cemetery. Located on HWY 22 outside of Tiptonville, Tennessee
Transcribed by William & Gay Mathis 4/17/2001 to the best of our abilities.

There are missing & broken stones
Use as a Guide Only

 Confederate Burials:

In this cemetery, following the siege & capture of Madrid Bend & Island No: 10 about 75 confederate dead were interred. Others were buried on the Island itself. Channel changes have now joined the Island to Missouri.

Confederate Stone: In memory of the boys in Gray who gave their all for the Confederate cause at the Battle of Island No: 10. Erected by Lake County "Tenn 2000" Committee 1996  


Adams, Harvey W. (Son of R. & M. Adams) 11/7/1880-8/3/1896

Alexander, Kate Winston (Daughter of Derk? & M. J. Alexander 9/3/1860–9/12/1866

Alexander, Katie (Wife of G. W. Alexander) 6/5/1877–2/23/1904

Allison, Clifford Wright (Son of Wm & K. L. Allison) 4/29/1902–10/16/1902 (5 mo 17days)

Anderson, Stephen Dale 11/5/1972–11/12/2000


Baker, Ever L. (Wife of L. W. Baker) 12/23/1876–1/28/1899

Bandy, William T. 10/2/1857-- (Broken)

Bartley, Othey 12/6/1903–11/26/1905 (Same Stone)

Bartley, Jamison 9/17/1902–12/6/1902(Same Stone, Children of H. W. & B. M Bartley)

Blakely, James L. 7/21/1930–1/6/1973

Boshears, Will 4/29/1872–11/29/1925

Brady, Alfred Taylor, Jr–6/1/1924–5/14/1994 (Same Stone) Note: There is a foot stone behind the Brady double stone that has these dates: Alfred Taylor Bradford, Jr, EM3 U. S. Navy WW II 4/21/1923–5/14/1994. SSDI has Alfred Brady 4/21/1923–5/14/1994. It appears the footstone has the wrong last name & the tombstone has the wrong birth date.

Brady, Marie Hays 11/1/1928–No Death (Same Stone)

Bryant, V. Homer (Son of W. H. & A. M. Bryant) 7/19/1888–6/14/1890

Bryant, A. M. (Wife of W. H. Bryant) 2/14/1856–1/20/1892

Burris, J.. F.. 12/9/1843–3/19/1901

Burris, Stephen L. (son of James F. & E. S. Burris) 1/23/1875–12/30/1899 (24 yr, 11 mo, 7 days)

Burris, Elcy S. (Wife of J. F. Burris) 8/20/1854–4/13/1877

Burrow, M. L. 9/26/1852–2/29/1888


Calbert, Pansy 8/24/1898–10/4/1899 (1 yr, 1 mo, 10 days)

Carroll, Billie C. (W.O. W. Tombstone) 6/18/1875–9/7/1916

Chambers, Maggie B. (Wife of J. W. Chambers) 9/11/1852–6/10/1893

Clark, Ida B. 10/25/1893–10/30/1901

Clark, Joseph B. (Born of Memphis, TN) 5/28/1848–10/12/1882

Climer, William 1901-1957

Cooper, Jimmie (Son) 1930-1935

Crafton, Inez 3/9/1893–6/8/1893

Crocker, Dallas 1916-1945 (Mother) (Same Stone)

Crocker, Raymond Mitchell 1943-1945 (Son) (Same Stone)

Cronan, Lillie Belle (daughter of J. & S. E. Cronan) 5/25/1873 2 yr, 9 mo, 14 days (Death Date Only)

Crouch, H. P. 3/24/1898–12/10/1898 (Same stone with J. L. Stout)

Crouch, C. 8/20/1847–2/10/1899

Cunningham, Adar E. 5/6/1872–12/23/1890 (Daughter of W. P. Cunningham)


Daniels, Edward 8/22/1873–7/10/1908 34 yrs, 10 mo, 18 days

Daniels, Katie A. ( Wife of Edward Daniels) 6/17/1879–2/15/1907

Dial, Luke 2/22/1891–7/18/1929

Dial, Fred R.. 7/19/1920–5/23/1978 PVT U. S. Army

Dial, Clifford 1/11/1929 (One Date Only) PVT 1st Class 5th Military Police Co.

Dillard, Vernon (Son of W. R. & L. Dilliard) 2/8/1892–4/6/1896

Donaldson, Little Lizzie, (Daughter of Lauchlin & Mary Donaldson) 10/31/1874–7/19/1876

Donaldson, Lauchlin 1/4/1844–7/7/1924

Donaldson, Mrs. Mary 12/11/1849–12/22/1898

Donaldson, Rivers (Age 38 yrs, No Dates)

Donaldson, Wellington 10/23/1812–3/7/1862

Downing, Sadie 4/13/1891–11/6/1908

Downing, Joe H. 10/12/1852–3/3/1909

Downing, Katie J. 7/22/1868–12/10/1895 (Wife of J. H. Downing)

Drake, Albert 12/20/1878–11/20/1879 (Son of I. W. & M. Drake)

Dunning. Atlas 1/26/1894–11/23/1910 (Daughter of M. J. & M. I Dunning)

Dunning, B. S. 13th Ky Cal. C. S. A. (No Dates)

Dunning, R. S. 6/10/1861–4/12/1902

Dunning, Hentie J. 10/3/1868–2/17/1946

Dunning, D. A. 4/1881–11/12/1881 (Daughters of M. J. & M. Dunning) (Same Stone)

Dunning, Ira Bell, 8/16/1889–5/16/1891 (Daughters of M. J. & M. Dunning)(Same Stone)

Dunning, R. B. (Son of R. S. & H. J. Dunning) 9/16/1897–9/3/1899

Dunning, Infant 9/9/ ??–10/11/1887 (Daughter of R. S. & H.. J. Dunning ).

Dunning, Nigary 5/27/1890--11/29/1896 (Daughter of R. S. & H. J. Dunning)

Dunning, M. J. 3/21/1859–2/28/1919

Dunning, Infant 1/24/1896 (Born & Died) (Daughter of M. J. & M. L. Dunning)

Dunning, Mrs. M. J. 1865–1942

Dunning, Della 2/11/1897–1/2/1908


Edwards, George Marr 3/29/1840 (In Troy, TN) 6/7/1865 (Madrid Bend, TN)

Edwards, William C.. 9/2/1827–6/7/1849 (Age 22 yrs)

Estes, Annie Elizabeth (Wife of George Estes) 2/23/1878–12/15/1898 A

Estes, Mary Metter (Daughter of George & Annie) 5/18/1898–6/20/1899 


Fergueson, John T. 10/24/1881–1/13/1904 (Age 22 yrs, 3 months, 6 days)

Franklin, Mary Fannie (Daughter of Robert & Fannie Franklin (No dates)


Glascock, Infant 9/28/1887 (Born & Died) ( Daughter of Melvin & Laura N. Glascock,)

Glascock, Melvin 4/14/1893–7/31/1893 (Son of Melvin & L. N. Glascock)

Gourley. Annie 7/12/1888 (Age 34 yrs) (One date Only) (Daughter of J. W. & M. Gourley)

Griswell, Martha 9/25/1945–10/5/1946


Haley, Penolia C. 10/18/1860--8/5/1903 (Wife of J. W. Haley) (Same Stone)

Haley, Mattie E. 2/11/1885-11/23/1903 (Same Stone)

Hines, Sandy 3/17/1802–12/26/1879 (Hines are all on one stone)

Hines, T. C. 11/9/1837–6/28/1863

Hines, Polly S. 3/24/1804–8/31/1868 (Wife of Sandy)

Hopkins, William M. 11/26/1883–12/16/1907 (Son of John A. & Amelia (C. or G.?) Hopkins)

Howerton, B. C. 1890-1936

Howerton, Glenda Sue 1940-1942

Howerton, Velma Lee 10/05/1911–10/04/1913 ((Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. B. G. Howerton)

Hyde, Fred Kosery 1877–1949 (Father)

Hyde, Nancy Carolyn 1871–1933 (Mother)


Isler, John P.. (Can’t Read dates). There is a marriage record in Obion Co, TN for John P. Isler & R (Robert). R.(Rivers) Meriwether for 12/21/1852.. Isler GenForum gives dates as 1832-1857. John Parker Isler son of Dr Jesse Isler & Mary E. Bryan. Supposedly died in a hunting accident.

John P. Isler’s Siblings:

(1)William Bryan Isler (1825-1861), m. Margaret Meriwether 10/21/1847, Obion Co, TN (2) Mary H. Isler (1827-?), m. Richard G. Clark., July 1,1845 Shelby Co, TN (LDS)  


Jackson, S. E. (Wife of J. A. Jackson) 6/9/1850–10/26?/1888    (Note by Leslie Moore:  This is Sarah Elizabeth HUSS JACKSON - wife of Joseph A. JACKSON - both originally from Fulton Co, KY.  They are the parents of Sammie Dessie JACKSON  BASS who married William Wesley BASS.)

Jackson, Annie 2/4/1880–4/8/1898

Jordan, Raymond Edgar 1/22/1918–3/22/1918 (Son of A. G. & D. M. Jordan)

Jordan, Sarah, 2/4/1857–1/14/1913 (Wife of Asa Jordan)


Krone, Olive 4/27/1875–1/28/1892


Lagne, Infant 4/15/1896 (Born & Died) Infant of O. L. & Cora D. Lagne)

Lewis, Susie (B. or R.) 6/10/1873–11/27/1904 (Daughter of Ed & Sallie Lewis)

Lowe, Ella R. 10/03/1881–5/24/1883 (Daughter of M. A. & Belle J. Lowe)


McClain, Lucille 8/12/1927–6/21/1929

McCollum, Sidney A. 10/30/1924–9/30/1884

McCrady, William E. 7/14/1871–12/14/1903 (Son of J. R. & V. M. McCrady)

McGuire, Stephen T. 1/8/1842–6/28/1872 (30 yrs, 5 mo, 20 days)

Meriwether, E. E. 12/17/1796–4/1/1863

Meriwether, John T. 6/19/1826–2/9/1850

Meriwether, Richard 5/11/1792–12/7/1840

Meriwether, Thomas L. 7/4/1838 (38 yrs)

Middleton, Clint L. 3/18/1861–10/10/1917

Middleton, Ella McCall 1861–1933 (Wife of C. L. Middleton)

Mitchell, Lular 5/20/1872–8/12/1904 (Wife of J. T. Mitchell)

Mitchell, Jewel 12/3/1913–10/14/1922

Moody, L.? 7/2/1833–12/17/1883 (Broken stone)

Moore, Mattie S. 6/26/1892–9/7/1892 (Daughter of E. M. & Lucy Moore (3 Sided Stone)

Moore, Lucy 8/6/1865–3/2/1894 (Wife of E. M. Moore) (3 Sided Stone)

Moore, Infant 2/1894 (Born & Died) (Daughter of E. M. & Lucy Moore) (3 Sided stone)

Moss, William M. 10/14/1912 (Death Date Only) (Age 87 yrs)

Moss, Elizabeth 11/21/1830–12/11/1903 (Wife of William M. Moss)

Moss, Miss M. J. 8/30/1868–4/12/1890 (Same Stone)

Moss, M. W. 9/18/1854–2/19/1890 (Same Stone)

Moss, Naomi 11/27/1922–7/16/1924

Moss, James M. 1849–1937

Moss, W. H. 4/30/1865–1/27/1905 (Son of William & Elizabeth Moss)

Moss, Bartley H. 5/25/1852–3/16/1907 (Son of William & E. A. Moss)

Moss, Warren D. 9/19/1861–3/13/?? (Broken) (son of William & E. A. Moss)

Murphy, Reba 8/18/1921–9/24/1935


These next 5 children are the children of J. A. & M. B. Nall

Nall, Loyd 5/17/1897–5/23/1897

Nall, Write 8/16/1893–5/2/1896

Nall, Minnie B. 7/27/1889–1/10/1896

Nall, Ollie D. (Son) 8/8/1892–12/11/1895

Nall, Infant (daughter) 11/18/1897 (Born & Died)

Nall, M. A. 9/29/1819–10/9/1878 (Wife of R. C. Nall)

Nall, Robert C. 7/12/1812–12/17/1879 (67 yrs, 5 mos, 5 days)

Nall, Barter 5/1/1852– 3/22/1858

Nall, Robert 9/24/1769–2/3/1859 (Beside Minerva Nall)

Nall, Minerva G. 10/7/1874 (Death Date Only) ( Wife of Robert Nall & niece of John Sevier)

Nall. Albert 10/23/1849–2/3/1859

Nall, Francis 12/8/1843–9/19/1931(Daughter of R. C. & Polly Ann Nall)

Nevill , Elizabeth A. 10/5/1819–10/20/1894 (Mother) (Wife of Edwin W. Nevill)

Nevill E. W. (Edwin Walton) 1/24/1806–11/5/1871 (Nearly 66 yrs) (Same Stone as George)

Nevill, George P. 6/28/1847–2/22/1877 (Same Stone as Edwin)


Orr, Sallie 11/5/1861–2/26/1890 (Wife of Al. F. Orr)

Owens, Ernest 1/17/1880 (Age 4 yrs) (Death Date Only)


Pearson, Rufus Dee 6/25/1918 –6/27/1919 (Age 1 yr, 2 days)

Pearson, Russell 1891–1925 (Father)

Pearson, Delbert 5/18/1896–8/5/1917 (Same Stone)

Pearson, Bessie Elizabeth 7/20/1916–7/31/1917 (Daughter of Delbert & Mabel Pearson) (Same Stone)

Pease, Cornelius  died Sept. 1, 1923. (Info from his Civil War Pension records provided by Marilyn -

Perkins, Tommie E. 9/16/1916–4-5/1935

Prevost, Nellis 2/29/1908 (Age 1 month) (Daughter of Joseph & Pearl Prevost) (Same Stone)

Prevost, Joseph B. (Husband of Pearl) 2/10/1911 (Age 25 yrs) (Same Stone)


Rainey, Johnny Dale  11/09/1955 - 11/09/1955 - Unmarked grave - info given by family.

Reynold, Kenneth Wayne 12/3/1936–9/22/1937

Rivers, Dr. Thomas 9/1/1803–??/ 30/1838 (Broken)

Rivers, John F. 11/28/1808–10/7/1858 (50th yr)


Scott, Dolphas Lee 1881–1939

Scott, Loyd Cantrell 9/10/1932–8/29/1937

Scott, Little Ila Jane 7/31/1926–10/7/1929

Shaffer, Christine A. 12/29/1936–9/15/1974

Shelton, William Nevill 3/29/1865–7/23/1898

Shelton, Dr. William Hartwell 01/02/1878 (Age 42 yrs)

Shelton, Edwin Nevill 6/28/1874–12/10/1895 (Son of J. B. & M. B. Clark) (This is exactly as written for parents)

Smithson ?? 12/26/1856–12/12/1878 (Age 22 yrs) (Broken Stone)

Snow, William T. 2/27/1852–12/3/1868 (Son of W. M. & Mary Snow)

Snow, James K. 10/14/1844–3/2/1868 (Son of W. M. & Mary Snow)

Snow, Raymond 12/14/1884–9/20/1890 (Son of J. B. & Alice Snow)

Snow, J. B. 7/3/1857–2/15/1889 (Same Stone as Alice)

Snow, Alice 1/11/1858–2/26/1885 (Same Stone as J. B.)

Snow, Mary 3/9/1815–11/8/1894 (Wife of William Snow) (Same Stone as William Snow)

Snow, William 12/1/1876 (Age 67 yrs, 5 months, 5 days) (Death Date Only)

Snow, George W. 9/28/1876 (Age 40 yrs, 3 months, 16 days)

Stout, J. L. 4/15/1888-6/10/1898 (Same Stone with H. L. Crouch)

Sutton, Jennie 10/11/1869–9/11/1907 (Wife of W. A.. Sutton)

Swayne, Pauline Thompson 8/29?/1845–3/8/1867 (Broken Stone)

Swindle, Don 1884–1927 (Same Stone as Capye)

Swindle, Capye 1887-1919 (same Stone as Don)


Tarver, J. H. "Boss" 1874–1950 (Same Stone as Sarah)

Tarver, Sarah B. 1878–1918 (Same Stone as J. H.)

Thomas, Viola E. 9/5/1896–10/13/1904 (Daughter of M. D. & Laura Thomas)

Thomas, Milton D. 5/21/1901–6/2/1901 (Son of M. D. & Laura Thomas)

Thomas, Laura A., 12/25/1865–5/19/1910

Thompson, George W. 5/26/1818–1/25/1847 (Broken)

Thompson, Jessie Isler 7/28/1849–5/11/1872 (Wife of John Thompson, M. D.)

Tipton, Joshua Harrison 11/29/1817–11/15/1877

Tipton, Rebecca 5/2/1870 (Wife of J.. H.. Tipton) (Age 54 yrs, 9 mo, 10 days)

Trout, Freddy 10/23/1889–8/13/1893 (Son of H. D. & J. Trout)

Trout, Marion Enos 5/30/1881–5/29/1933 (Same Stone Francis Trout)

Trout, Frances Roberta 4/28/1916–4/24/1934 (Same Stone as Marion Trout)

Trout, Bertha E. Terry 8/2/1881–5/11/1934 (Same Stone as Marion & Francis Trout)


Vaughn, John P. 2/24/1874–5/29/1906

Vaughn, Rachel Ann 2/4/1857–10/24/1909

Vaughn, Charlie Thornton 7/17/1907–10/14/1908 (Same Stone as Ella Vaughn)

Vaughn, Ella Imogene 1/13/1909–12/18/1921 (Same Stone as Charlie Vaughn)

Vaughn, Allie (Allison Hickman) 1885-1957


Wagner, Charles W. 1/4/1895–6/29/1935 (PVT WW I)

Wagner, Russell (No numbers on marker)

Williams, Robert J. 1904–1970

Wray, Ernest 2/1879 --??/1886 ? (Same Stone as Joe Wray) (Dates Hard To Read)

Wray, Joe 8/10/1886–6/15/1888 (Same Stone as Ernest Wray)

Wray, "Wick" (Henry Wilkins ) 9/12/1850–2/4/1923 (Same Stone as Virginia Wray)

Wray, Virginia 1/26/1850–4/19/1909 (Same Stone as "Wick" Wray)

This stone was broken:

Hattie?? (Wife of ??) 5/5/1872 ??–4/26/1894

Spiral Stone No Last Name:

Mary (age 1 yr, 1 month on 1 side)

George (age 5 yrs, on other side)

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