Cemetery next to Willingham Memorial Baptist Church
Bear around to the right after passing New Haven Cemetery going toward Tiptonville, TN
Transcribed by William & Gay Mathis  (11/03/01) 

Mary Katherine Argo  18701927

Will A. Baker (beloved husband of Cora Baker)  1878--1929?

Baby Daughter of Mr.& Mrs. O. R. Rainey  11/25/1928 (Born & Died)

Sally Caine (No dates stone broken)

R. J. wife of R. K. Campbell  8/9/18371/12/1898

Charlie Hedges  1/12/187511/3/1895

S. C. or S. G. ? Cosby  8/10/18531/12/1897

George Riddle  1827 ?-- 3/24/1898? (Hard to read)

Crockett Dibrell Webb  183711/11/1893

Lee Elmer  10/12/19013/13/1902

D. R. (Foot rock only)

?? Pounds 18941896 (Cannot read under ground)

R. Thompson  7/5/18271/4/1889  (Age 61 yrs, 5 mos, 29 days)

No Name (Stone Broken)  4/10/18268/17/1896

John R. Riley (son of J. E. & M. R. Riley)  2/17/18777/26/1899

LeWever Riley (daughter of J. E. & M. R. Riley )  3/24/18849/17/1899

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