Transcribed by William & Gay Mathis  (07/04/2002)

About 1 mile out of Tiptonville Hwy 22 North on the left

Joe Wiley Parks   1856---1934

Victoria (Boshears) Parks   1861---1904   (Same Stone)

Fred T. Parks   2/3/1892---2/6/1919  (Died during WWI in Germany)

Wilford Parks   2/14/1889---2/13/1961

Ella Thompson Parks   11/21/1892---3/30/1988   (Same Stone)

Maude Parks   1884---1953

Ida May Crafton Parks   2/6/1875---11/25/1935

Paul Newton Parks   6/27/1928---5/23/1996

Walter C. Wilson   9/7/1884---9/24/1961

Carrie P. Wilson   1/14/1888---5/21/1968   (Same Stone)

?. S. Pop Wilkes   1953   (One Date Only)  (Name needs to be rechecked)

Elizabeth Ewy Rupp   12/25/1882---3/22/1967

E. Susan Figgins Frazier   1/12/1948---3/1/2001

Norman L. Parks   1/19/1904---12/23/1997

Ella Rae Rupp Parks   2/13/1908---8/2/1995   (Same Stone)

Theo John Rupp   10/3/1911---6/30/1995

Rovene Parks Rupp   11/2/1917---3/5/1993   (Same Stone)

Danny Dotson   3/21/1948---4/6/1999   SP4 US Army Vietnam

Christy Dotson----(Same Stone)

Ryan Edwards Felts    8/12/1991  (One Date Only)

Harris Richmond Parks   1/5/1883---3/22/1968

Mattie Sanger Parks   7/25/1880---4/7/1968   (Same Stone)

Carl R. Beatty   4/23/1910---10/7/1985

Rachel P. Beatty   7/9/1913---8/25/2000   (Same Stone)
Paul E. Watson   3/1/1914---3/14/1977

Louise P. Watson   3/3/1911---4/7/1989  (Same Stone)

Harris Roland Parks   10/1/1919---1/23/1999

Jeannie Jackson Parks   10/6/1921-------     (Same Stone)

Ralph Gordon Parks   12/1/1923---12/21/1993

Frank Henry Provow   10/7/1898---12/8/1984

Maude Boshears Provow   11/22/1900---3/29/1982   (Same Stone)

Joe Frank Provow   6/15/1930---6/23/1983

Homer Huffstutter   6/12/1920---3/3/1986

Sue Huffstutter   5/24/1922---2/28/1983   (Same Stone)

James A. Huffstutter   12/1/1952---5/19/1985

Steven Lee Huffstutter   11/3/1960---3/15/1974   (Same Stone)

Victoria Parks Fisher   11/29/1911---2/19/1974

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