15th Tennessee Infantry

Co. E, "Madrid Bend Guards": June 8, 1861

Company D was composed of men from what originally was Obion County but later

became Lake County. After consolidation with Company A at Corinth, R.B.

Donaldson became captain; R.B. Lane, 1st Lt.; J.J. Thompson, 2nd Lt.; and

W.W.Whitson, Orderly Sgt. Lt. Lane became captain when Donaldson was killed.


Captain: W.B. Isler First Lieutenant: R.A. Lewis
Second Lieutenant: R.B. Donaldson Third Lieutenant: R.M. Meriwether
First Sergeants: C.C Harris Second Sergeant: J.C. Whitson
Third Sergeant: J.W. Harper Fourth Sergeant: R.H. Tipton
First Corporal: D.S. Tipton Second Corporal: A.J. Newgent
Third Corporal: S. Herring Fourth Corporal: Yatt Mooring
Ensign: J.W. Hoffman Fifer: S.M. Corbitt
Drum: J.G. Tipton Secty: R.B. Suns
Com: J. Hines  


W.J. Allin

W.H. Anderson

W. Arnl, J. Baly

T.A. Barker

H. Barrett


J.A. Bloys

Wm. Bloys

John Bone

--. Boschwitz

A. Boschwitz

Thomas Box

O.C. Brigance

Jessie Brown

F.A. Bulram

H.S. Burres

W. H. Burres

J.(G)W. Calhoone

J.H. Cruise

J. Cunningham

R.D. Farly

C.C Gamble

H.C. Haley

D. Hamilton

B.F. Hearn

John Hicks

A.S. Hines

P.G. Hines

John Hiozza

James Hobbs

B. Johnson

Andrew Knep

Ed Lewis

John Long

S.C. Martin

W.D. Mason

Thos. McCarey

M.C. McCorkle

J. McFarland

J.D. Meriwether

Henry Mills

J.B. Mills

J.R. Mills

J.D. Mooring

Calvin Mosier

G.V. Nailling

S. Newton

J.W. Nosworthy

J.T. Peacock

W. Peacock

Thos. Perry

D.C. Pollock

J.C. Price

W. Rhodes

J. Richerson

W.F. Riley

A. Robertson

H.A. Shipman

N.W. Smullin

B. Thompson

W.J. Tucker

S.W. Tucker

D.M. Upton

C.W. Ware

A.W. Watson

W.W. Watson

W.H. Whitson

John Worrell

J.T.C. Wyatt


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