18th Tennessee Cavalry
Muster Roll, Co. D, May 11, 1864

Company D was composed of men from what originally was Obion County but ater became Lake County. List prepared from Muster Roll.


Captain: T.H. Taylor
First Lieutenant: M.B. Ownsby
Second Lieutenant: B.J. Booden
Third Lieutenant: W.P. Walker
First Sergeants: M.G. Poe
Second Sergeant: W.F. Malone
Third Sergeant: J.W. Oliver
Fourth Sergeant: G.W. Wright
Fifth Sergeant: H.D. Forrest
First Corporal: H.B. Byars
Second Corporal: W.T. Jones
Third Corporal: J.M. Randle
Fourth Corporal: E.H. Todd


Ammons, D.J. Ammons, J.W. Ammons, R,L.
Aycock, R.R. Baines, J.B. Caneer, J.B.
Cloe, T. Counsel, E.E. Crawford, R.B.
Crittenden, F.C. Crowder, T.L. Cullenden, H.
Davis, Robert Edgar, L.C. Freeman, W.H.
Frilse, H. Gibson, J.L. Grant, J.H.
Grantham, J.K. Griggs, W.H. Grooms, J.M.
Grooms, S.M. Harris, R.M. Hix, H.S.
Holyfield,J.H. Hopkins, J. Houston, C.
Howard, L.K. Huddleston, N. Jackson, G.W.
Jackson, T.T. Jourdan, William Koen, W.B.
Lashly, P.S. Lee, G.A. Lockhart, S.
Lyons, J.R. McWherter,G.D. Mills, W.
Moore, C. Moore, P.B. Moore, R.S.
Naylor, J.T. New, W.D. Norrid, A.L.
Pentecost, J.A. Powell, J.W. Roark, W.H.
Rogers, B.F. Smith, Joseph Spence, C.T.
Starnes,C.F. Tyler, M.F. Warden, Sam D.
Webb, A.O. White, C.H.W. White, Reuben
Williams, J. Williams, M.L. Yates, B.L.
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