Excerpts from "Burnetts Chapel Baptist Church of Lake County, Tennessee - Its Formation, History and Early Members" Researched and written by Abigail Rice Chadwick Hyde


Excerpts of church minutes:

2nd Sunday Mar. 1925 - Bro. and Sister JACKSON asked for letters.  (Mr. and Mrs. Ed JACKSON.  They were the  parents of a large family and lived in the old Bird Smith home directly across the bayou from Golda Smith's home.)

Dora JACKSON - Baptism 30 Aug 1911; moved and letter granted Jun 1912.

E. C. JACKSON was Sunday School Superintendent 4 Sept 1921 to Mar 1925; 3 years 6 months.

E. C. JACKSON became a deacon 14 Aug 1915 - Departed by letter March, 1925.

E. C. & Myrtle JACKSON were both baptized 13 June 1915;  Dismissed by letter March, 1925.

"Maude JACKSON was the daughter of Edward C. JACKSON and his first wife, Elizabeth Rawles Thompson JACKSON.  Elizabeth Rawles was born in Dover, TN.  She married first John Odis Thompson, son of Jordan Thompson, in Lake Co. on May 24, 1894................... John Thompson and his wife, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Rawles Thompson, had two children:  May Pearl Thompson who married Richard Dick Argo and a son, John "Johnnie F. Thompson, who never married.  Johnnie was born 12 Feb 1898.  He was a member of Burnetts Chapel and was baptized 1 Sept 1915.  He  was killed in World War I on 3 Oct  1918.

John Odis Thompson died 1 Dec 1897, shortly before the birth of his son "Johnnie".  John's widow, Elizabeth "Lizzie" married Edward JACKSON on 1 Dec 1901, and they were the parents of Fannie Maude JACKSON, William H. JACKSON, and James Noble JACKSON.

Maude JACKSON had been baptized 1 Sep 1915; Dimple Wilson, her future sister-in-law, was baptized the same day.  Bookie Wilson (Maude's future husband) was not a member of the church at the time; therefore, his name was not mentioned as one of those who "walked disorderly" at the Burnard Dillard Party.  His wife, Maude, and his sister, Dimple, were both among those who were called up before the church.  Maude's father, Mr. Ed JACKSON, was a deacon and later that year was elected Sunday School Superintendent.  Mr. Ed was also on the investigating committee.  Dimple Wilson was the first one of the group to apologize to the church.  She came forward during a big revival on 6 Oct 1923.  Maude also came forward and was restored to full fellowship.  Bookie made a profession of faith and was baptized 7 Oct 1923.

Maude and Bookie Wilson were faithful church members.  He became a deacon on the second Sunday in August, 1925.  He served in all positions where he was needed.  He was Sunday School Superintendent for several years, a position he was still filling when the family moved to Sharon, TN in Dec 1936.  They remained active in the Southern Baptist Association and in the church after they moved away, but they left a void in Burnetts Chapel.

Maude and Thomas H. (Bookie) Wilson have five sons:  Thomas H. Wilson (now deceased).  William Lee "Billy" Wilson who is still living in Sharon; Kenneth Wilson (also deceased); and twins, Richard and Ray Wilson.  Richard lives across the street from his 94 year old father, and Ray lives in Little Rock, AR.  Maude passed away several years ago, and Thomas H. "Bookie" lives alone in their home. (book was written in 1997)

Maude's brother, James Nobel JACKSON, joined the army, married and lived in Washington, D.C.  Maude's mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Rawles Thompson JACKSON, died 12 Nov 1910 and was buried in Crockett Chapel Cemetery beside her first husband.

Mr. Edward "Ed" JACKSON married second Myrtle Young on 28 May 1911, in Mooring.  They became the parents of several more children, and then moved from Mooring to Caruthersville, MO in 1925."

(Information obtained from Thomas H. Wilson, his sister Dimple, Lake County census and marriage records, tombstones and personal knowledge of Abigail Rice Hyde.)









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